Probably the most complete micro-frontends solution you ever met🧐


Works with any javascript framework. Build your micro-frontend system just like using with iframe, but not iframe actually.


Includes almost all the basic capabilities required to build a micro-frontend system, such as style isolation, js sandbox, preloading, and so on.


Had been extensively tested and polished by a large number of online applications both inside and outside of Ant Financial, the robustness is trustworthy.

📦 Installation

$ yarn add qiankun # or npm i qiankun -S

🔨 Getting Started

import { loadMicroApp } from 'qiankun';
// load micro app
name: 'reactApp',
entry: '//localhost:7100',
container: '#container',
props: {
slogan: 'Hello Qiankun',

See details:Getting Started

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